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Way before the Internet, and even today, love happens when there are no profiles, or any further information available other than what someone looks like. ’ That’s not how we think about meeting new people in real life.” mirror the way people meet in real life, instead of relying on an algorithm.

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And while Rad isn’t a scientist, science does back him up. Helen Fisher of Rutgers University says that attraction is a primal instinct: "I think we can all remember times when we felt an instant attraction to someone we barely knew.

<strong>Paper</strong> <strong>bag</strong> speed-<strong>dating</strong>' event tests

Paper bag speed-dating' event tests

It has a practical purpose: In the animal kingdom you can’t spend three months discussing your résumé; you need to feel instant sparks to start the breeding process." we all take away from paper bag dating? In our instant gratification swipe-rht-or-left culture, if we're seeking a relationship beyond a hookup, it’s important to get to know a person for who they are—but only if, when we first see that person, we can’t wait to rip their clothes off .

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While catering to niche can be a positive thing to bring people together, dating application Smoochr may have taken that memo completely out of context.

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